April 26-28, 2017

Grapevine, TX


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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Knowing the basics is not enough for you — you’re serious about making your ideas move like lightning and you want to soak in all the knowledge you can get. Perfect! The workshops were created just for you. At the Squares Workshops you’ll be able to get your hands dirty, go a little deeper, and get answers to your questions floating around in your head. You’ll walk away with practical knowledge and action steps in order to use your words to make some big waves in our world.

classes start at $97/class & are 1.5 hrs long.

Track II are 3.5 hrs long and cost $197/class

track I

Kelly Harrop

Workshop I

Kelly Harrop

lead ui/ux designer at Web Loft Designs

Reinventing Experiences

Outdated designs don’t just hurt people’s eyes — they hurt a company’s bottom line and reputation. Updating a website or app isn’t just about choosing a new UI kit, but actually trying to understand the underlying problems that exist when a product has stagnated.

In this workshop, you’ll learn best practices on how to improve both the UX and UI for the end user. We will walk through creating a proper sitemap, harmonizing UX logic with modern visual design trends, working with development, and the best way to scale up your projects.

Steven Ray's

Workshop II

Steven Ray

chief creative officer at Dialexa

Lean Design Research

A discovery phase is essential to a product's success and is much more than just getting up to speed with stakeholders and documenting requirements. Before building anything you need to evaluate the strategy, create shared understanding, and build strong lines of communication. Dialexa has created a battle-tested discovery process that strikes the perfect balance between research and planning vs. designing and building. In this workshop, you will learn various techniques to quickly extract data and synthesize it into meaningful information for business stakeholders, design teams, and development teams.

Noah Labhart

Workshop III

Noah Labhart

founder at Touchtap

Building Custom iOS Animations

In this workshop, we will teach you hands on how to build custom animations for iOS Apps, including controller transitions, view animatiable properties, transforming objects and and grouping animations.

track II

Joshua Cook

Workshop I

Joshua Cook

front-end developer at Red Ventures

Getting Started with Vue.js

Vue.js has emerged as one of the fastest growing and most exciting Javascript libraries out right now. Learn why large companies are choosing it over React or Angular, and start building websites with this progressive Javascript framework today!

William M. Riley

Workshop II

William M. Riley

front-end engineer at Flywheel

Designing a Web API: Best Practices

With a central place for your API, it’s helpful to make satellite app. In this workshop, we’ll draft an API with authentication, tokens, and best security practices, as well as making the API extremely communicative about what it offers for the people who will consume it.

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